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Wyoming Prepping For $30M Renovation of Arena-Auditorium

The Dome of Doom is getting ready for a major facelift.

Troy Babbitt-USA TODAY Sports

We lightly touched on some of the renovations that were expected for Arena-Auditorium a couple of weeks ago. UW has been stepping up their promotion lately regarding the two step plan to completely overhaul the iconic dome. There has also been some big money coming in lately from some famous Wyoming alumni. Some of the notable names include Theo Ratliff, Reggie Slater, Dick Scarlett and Robert Rhynsburger.

The renovations will take place in two parts. $12M is required for the first segment and will start in March of 2014 and conclude in November of the same year. It should be completed just in time for basketball season. This will greatly enhance the game day atmosphere at the AA.

Here are a list of some of the improvements.

Phase I of the project will include: the new Theo Ratliff Family High-Altitude Training Center; new locker rooms for both the Cowboy and Cowgirl basketball teams; a new athletic-training/sports-medicine area; a new floor; new lighting and sound systems in the Arena; new video boards and digital LED ribbon boards; and an audio-visual control room.

The second phase will require additional fundraising and there is no planned start date yet. This phase will focus more on improvement of the exterior and entryways of the AA.

Here is the full breakdown:

Phase II will include enhanced fan facilities throughout the concourse, including: new bathrooms and concession areas; a new entryway on the east side of the Arena-Auditorium that will include a new ticket office to better serve fans' needs for events in both the Arena-Auditorium and War Memorial Stadium; a Wyoming Store to provide fans a location to purchase Cowboy and Cowgirl merchandise; a UW Athletics Hall of Fame area; a new club-seating area; a new elevator to provide improved ADA access to the floor level for fans; and a new commissary to support concession areas in the Arena and War Memorial Stadium.

Wyoming put together a lengthy video breaking the renovations and it includes some great visuals. It can't be embedded but you can watch it here.

Here is another video that shows some of the improvements that I was able to find.

The facilities battle is a big one when it comes to recruiting. It also helps to enhance the fan experience as well. These renovations will certainly help boost the attendance and exposure of the basketball games. Combined with a winning a program the future of the Cowboy and Cowgirl programs are very bright.