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New Promotional Football Video

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Some nice work by the video department at UW.

It has been awhile since we've seen any videos produced by the Wyoming Athletic Department. They took some time in putting this latest one together and you have to be pleased with the results. I would guess that this is intended to be shown to recruits that visit campus. Fans will certainly enjoy this one as well.

Snow is still on the ground in several parts of the country. Still we are just three months away from the start of Fall camp and college football will be back before you even know it. There are a number of clips from the Nebraska game from 2011. The Pokes will be starting their 2013 campaign in Lincoln as they seek to upset the Cornhuskers. Certainly a tough task but the offense will be up to the challenge. The defense will certainly have a lot on their plate in trying to stop the triple option attack of the Huskers.