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You Can Own War Memorial Field

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Why own a piece of history when you can buy the whole damn thing?


In a couple weeks Wyoming will begin installing their brand FieldTurf that will bring plenty of pop to War Memorial Stadium. Before that can be done the old turf needs to be removed. So what do you with thousands of feet of used artificial turf? Well if you are the University of Wyoming you try and make a few bucks.

This wouldn't be first time UW has attempted to cash in on some of their old football field. Last year they auctioned off the old Mountain West logo section of the field after the conference changed logos.

This time things will be a little more expensive. We're talking 10Gs minimum.

June 4, 2013

LARAMIE, Wyo. - Wyoming Athletics will have the current artificial surface in War Memorial Stadium up for bid starting immediately. The opportunity to bid will continue until 2 pm (MT) on June 12. The winning bid will be notified that evening and will be responsible for pick up and transportation of the turf before June 17 at 5 pm (MT).

The minimum bid accepted for the surface will be $10,000. The synthetic turf was manufactured by Desso Sports Systems. The field is being sold "as is" without any express or implied warranties. The University of Wyoming reserves the right to accept or reject any and all bids.

Bids are to be emailed to the following email address: Jared Petrino:

***highest bid will be updated immediately through email to the parties involved

Upon purchase of the artificial surface the winning bid will sign documentation with the University of Wyoming releasing the property and any liability with the university.

Want a sure fire way to piss off your significant other? Surprise them with their own full size football field.

This is the ultimate bachelor or outdoor man cave item. If you don't have enough space outside you could also just rip out your carpeting and use this instead.

My guess is that some other school will purchase this turf and use it to replace their field. Wyoming is replacing the turf at War Memorial earlier than projected so there is still some life left.