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NCAA '14: A REAL Look At The Wyoming Offense

The Cowboys feature one of the most exciting offenses in the Mountain West.


When Dave Christensen came to Laramie he promised an exciting and high powered spread offense like he ran at Mizzou. Slowly but surely the offense has developed over the years and helped to produce players with plenty of big play potential. During spring drills Christensen continually preached speed during practice and wanted to make sure the offense was able to run as many plays as possible. That uptempo rhythm is expected to be utilized this fall as the Pokes look to put plenty of pressure on defenses who can't keep with the pace and aren't able to substitute players.

The play calling is also in all the hands of Christensen who has put everything on his shoulders. After letting Gregg Brandon leave for the OC job at New Mexico State we'll see Christensen have complete control over how the offense is run.

With Brett Smith at quarterback and a whole slew of stud receivers you can expect the Pokes to put up plenty of points. While you can only watch the Cowboys on 12 Saturdays this season you have the opportunity to take control of them in NCAA '14 that just came out. You can recreate that fast uptempo play calling and really test your opponents skill in stopping the Cowboys offense.

EA Sports has spent a lot of time working on the running game and reactions of players in this latest version. Those new additions will really help when you are running the spread offense with QB #16! The zone read and option game can be way more effective when able to burst through a hole or make a sharp cut and elude a defender. Watching Brett Smith break tackles make you feel you are in a video game sometimes. The ability to recreate some of his amazing plays is music to my ears.

Let's just hope the team makes sure they disable the "injuries" toggle when they hit the field this year.