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The Mountain West Gets Digital

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Live streaming announced for 2013 season.

Cary Edmondson-US PRESSWIRE

The fruits of the Mountain West's labor on it's Digital Network are finally becoming apparent. On the final day of the Mountain West football media day it was announced that five contests would be live streamed for free this season.

Those five games are as follows:





Saturday, August 31 Eastern Illinois at San Diego State 5 p.m. PT MWN
Saturday, September 14 Central Michigan at UNLV 7 p.m. PT MWN
Saturday, October 19 UNLV at Fresno State* 7 p.m. PT MWN
Saturday, November 2 San Jose State at UNLV* 1 p.m. PT MWN
Saturday, November 9 Fresno State at Wyoming* 1 p.m. MT MWN
*Mountain West game
All dates and times are local to site and are subject to change.

In addition it was announced that all 10 games shown on Roots Sports will also be live streamed by the Mountain West Digitial Network in areas where the game isn't televised. That will be a huge boost for Cowboy fans who live outside of the Front Range or don't have access to an enhanced TV package.

The press release also stated that Digital Network will pursue streaming other games that are not currently televised or may be produced by the host school or a local TV station. That is a good sign for the chances of the Wyoming/Northern Colorado game being added.

Currently 10 of 12 regular season Wyoming game are set with either a broadcast or streaming option. We already mentioned the NoCo game. The other question mark is the road game with Texas State. The Longhorn Network has been rumored as an option but nothing has been announced.

This streaming will be huge for the Mountain West and help increase exposure. I expect it to be utilized even more in basketball season.

Here is a short little video that the Mountain West did in an interview with Brett Smith and Marqueston Huff.