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NCAA Football: A Real Look At Wyoming's Ratings

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How did the Cowboys fare in the latest digital rankings?

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One of the biggest signs that college football is approaching is the release of EA Sports NCAA Football franchise. The '14 edition is dropping July 9th which is just around the corner. One of the hottest topics for college football and video game fans to do is argue over their teams (and other teams) ratings.

We'll be taking a look at ratings for Wyoming and trying to decide if they are deserved or not. Let's get right down to the nitty gritty.

For comparison sake here are the 2013 ratings for Wyoming: OV - 79, OFF - 78, DEF - 80.

As expected a 4-8 record didn't help the Pokes to try and improve their rankings. Not sure how they came up an 80 rating for defense for last year. That was certainly well adjusted in the new edition.


There was a four point drop in the overall rating for the Pokes. With the disappointment that occurred in 2012 you would certainly expect a drop and that is exactly what occurred. Statistically there wasn't a lot to get excited about last year minus some nice games from Brett Smith. For comparison sake Wyoming is equal with Nevada and Utah State and ahead of Colorado State (72), UNLV (72) and New Mexico (65), Somehow 3-9 Hawaii managed a 77 overall rating which is beyond imagination.

Being in the same boat as Utah State and Nevada who are both strong bowl contenders is a good sign. Being ahead of CSU is often what many Poke fans really care most about. Bragging rights never hurt in the Border War.


The offense has certainly been the stronger unit the last two years and there is no reason to expect that to change this time around. Still there are some big question marks with the offensive line and running backs. The potential is certainly there for huge production from the offense with Brett Smith at QB and plenty of depth at wide receiver. By the way the highest players on the team are Smith (81 overall) and Robert Herron (80 overall).


After a dismal performance last year it seems like the Cowboys got away with one by escaping with a 75 rating. Last the Cowboys ranked 99th in scoring defense and 121st in rush defense. Losing key seniors on the defensive line, linebackers and secondary also means a much younger overall group taking over. There is certainly talent but that doesn't guarantee a high ranking. No surprise that the game designers took a wait and see approach with their ratings.


How do you think EA did with their ratings of the Cowboys? Were you expecting one unit to be higher or lower?

Post your thoughts in the comments below.