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Join The Cowboy Altitude Pick Em Group

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Our Pick Em contest is back again this year.


Our weekly Pick Em contest is baaaaaaaack.  This is a great way to test to your knowledge against other Mountain West fans.  Most college football Pick Em contests make you choose match ups between Top 25 teams only.  As if those teams don't already get enough coverage.

In the Cowboy Altitude contest we only choose the outcomes involving Mountain West teams.  No spread or confidence points, just simply choose which team wins.

There are no prizes, simply bragging rights.  We will post the top five on the weekly and overall leader board on Cowboy Altitude each week.  With 12 teams it will be an incredibly interesting year in the Mountain West.

Once again we have gone through Yahoo to run the contest.  It's real easy to get signed up.

Here is the link to the league signup.  All you need is a free Yahoo username to get signed up.  If you want to share the league info anyone you may.

Group ID# 7845

Password: pokes

It only takes a couple minutes to take part in each week.