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Game Week: Cowboys Release Depth Chart For Week One

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The countdown to kickoff keeps getting smaller and smaller as we approach Saturday.

Scott Cunningham

It's hard to believe that we are just three days away from college football starting and five days from Wyoming taking on Nebraska.  This will be a busy week on Cowboy Altitude as we prepare for the Cornhuskers.  Our weekly segment "Panel of Pokes" will soon return with our panel from last year plus a new addition.

The coaches from both teams spent the day talking to the media and trying to say relatively nice things about their opponents.  Nothing earth shattering was divulged but the bigger news was Wyoming releasing it's depth chart for week one.

They didn't post an updated depth chart on the website but Robert Gagliardi broke the highlights down quite nicely.

Here are the highlights:

  • The most interesting news to me was that freshmen Tommy Thornton was named the third string quarterback over senior Colby Kirkegaard.  This isn't earth shattering news by any means as it would likely be a good thing for Wyoming to not play their third string QB this year.  Thornton was not a very accurate passer this Fall while completing just 10 of 23 passes for 147 yards.  He did show some nice running ability with 24 yards rushing compared to -7 for Kirkegaard. 
  • Really the more exciting news is that true freshmen Tanner Gentry has earned himself a starting spot.  There is tons of depth at wide receiver but that didn't stop Gentry from wowing the coaches all of camp and forcing them to play him.  Certainly didn't expect him to even play this year due to the talent that was already in place.  Gentry will start along with Robert Herron, Dominic Rufran and Jalen Claiborne.
  • Tyran Finley is the starting cornerback opposite Blair Burns.  He also will share kick and punt return duties with Jalen Claiborne.  The speedy Finley had a very strong camp after signing this summer with the Pokes. 
  • Spencer Bruce starting at TE.  J.D. Krill was injured in practice last week but is still projected to play this week again Nebraska.  Krill wasn't used very much in the offense during fall camp while he was targeted often in the spring.

Wyoming will be going with the Stormtrooper look in week one.  The new white pants feature a brown Steamboat on the left quad - I'm a fan.  This is the same look as last year for the game against Texas.  Just my personal opinion, I would have preferred the white helmet with the gold Steamboat.  I've always been a fan of that helmet.

I hope they continue to tweet out the uniform each week.

Image courtesy of @CowboysFootball


Here a nice video that the Mountain West put together.  It includes interviews with Brett Smith and Marqueston Huff.