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Nebraska Q&A With Corn Nation

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We go to the experts to get some "Nowledge" on the Cornhuskers.

Eric Francis

Game day is finally here!  It has truly been a long off season for the Cowboys who missed out on the postseason last year.  Everything resets to 0 and it is time for a fresh start.  A huge challenge awaits with the schedule starting off in Lincoln, Nebraska.

To help get a better idea of what to except from the Cornhuskers we swapped questions with SB Nation site Corn Nation.  Below are the answers to my questions from Brian Towle of Corn Nation.  This is some good reading to help you before your day is fully consumed with college football.

1.  If something were to happen to Taylor Martinez, what would we see from the backup quarterbacks?

If something did happen to Taylor (/WAILS), the first person should be Ron Kellogg III into the game. He’s not nearly the runner Martinez is, as I would say his knees are made of packing peanuts. However, the SR that just got a scholarship this week can run the offense and even throw if necessary. Eventually this season, he’ll be passed by Tommy Armstrong Jr., as Tommy is as good a runner as Taylor with a better arm, but he redshirted last year and is fighting a knee "cleaning up" that happened right before Fall Camp started.

2.  The Nebraska defense had several poor games last year.  Will be there be an improvement this year?

Good god we’d like to hope so. It’s not one certain thing that Nebraska did bad every single time when things went bad, but in the end, there were a lot of points and yards let up. Against Ohio St, it was Braxton Miller running around, Against UCLA, it was a overall meltdown, the second Wisconsin game was a bad gameplan with bad planning, and against Georgia the secondary just melted down in the fourth quarter against Aaron Murray. When Nebraska won, they gave up less than 20 a game. When they lost, they gave up north of 50.

3.  Who are some "off the radar" players we should be on the lookout for?

Look for a lot of youth. I mean, there’s a WHOLE lot of youth on the 85 scholarship list. You’ll see it on the field, especially on defense. Nate Gerry is a true Frosh that has pushed hard to be on the field, and he’ll be playing a combo of Safety and LB (the "Peso" guy that Eric Hagg and DeJon Gomes did so well, they made it to the NFL). At Linebacker, you’ll see Jared Afalava and Josh Banderas, two freshman who NEED to be huge for Nebraska’s front 7 to be successful. On the D Line, look for RS Fr Vincent Valentine to help plug the middle of the rush D.
On offense, the weakest part of the squad is Tight End. Nebraska lost 2 very serviceable guys in Ben Cotton and Kyler Reed last year, and they will hope that Jake Long will help fill the void. True Frosh Cethan Carter has been gushed about big time by players and coaches, and he’s a guy who I didn’t much of as Nebraska passed on several bigger names in TE recruiting for him.

4.  How will Brett Smith fare against the Cornhuskers?

He will probably have some success early on, as the big thing will probably be communication by the staff going to the entire Defense. Last year at times, there were plays where Bo Pelini and John Papuchis had a hard time just getting the play in, and any type of up tempo offense will test this hard. However, if there’s a stout part of the Defense, it’s going to be in the secondary. Stanley Jean-Baptiste and Ciante Evans are two good corners, and Josh Mitchell is there to assist too when they go 3-4 wide.

5. Predict the score.

I think Nebraska’s offense won’t be as prolific as we all hope they are, only because it’s the first game. And I do expect Brett Smith to have a decent game and put points on the board. However, I’m going to say 45-23 Nebraska. The spread of Dave Christensen will cause issues, and there will be yards and points gave up by Nebraska. However, with a very questionable running game, I just don’t think the Cowboys can really scare Nebraska too much.

Again I'd like to thank Brian for helping to answer my questions.  Hopefully this will be a great season for both teams (after Wyoming wins, of course).  If you are going to the game then stay cool.  There is major high index warning taking place.  I'm sure that you'll be aware of that in the very first moment you step outside.