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Cowboys Set Records in 56-23 Rout Of Falcons

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Wyoming pours it on in a night to remember.


The Wyoming Cowboys put on a late night firework show in Colorado Springs.  This was the type of offensive performance that we dreamed about when Coach Christensen was hired.  With some outstanding plays by the defense we most likely just witnessed the biggest win for the Cowboys in the Christensen era.

The Pokes were four point favorites and this series has produced plenty of close games.  This was not one of those.  Wyoming scored a season high of 42 points, that all came in the first half.  Then they added an extra 14 in the second half for good measure.  This is finally a victory that will make others across the country stand up and notice Wyoming.

Brett Smith put up some video game numbers with 410 yards of offense in the first half.  He went on to finish the game with a school record 511 yards of total offense.  Smith threw for 373 yards and four touchdowns while also running for 138 yards and another score.  Smith now holds the record for career passing touchdowns with 60, he was tied with Casey Bramlet entering tonight's game.

vs Air Force / 9.21.13 Passing Rushing
Comp Att Pct Yds TD Rush Yds Avg TD
Brett Smith 35 41 90.0 373 4 16 138 8.6 1

Smith also completed a career high 35 passes en route to a 90% completion rate.  He was masterful in spreading the ball around to his receivers.

Here is the breakdown for his top four targets:

The defense looked out of in the first drive but they stepped up big time as the game went down.  They only allowed Air Force to convert  6 of 14 third down conversions and 1 of 3 fourth down conversions.  One key turning point was a great play on special teams (Forces).  After Wyoming scored early in the second half the kicked off and Nehemie Kankolongo hit one blocker and then ball carrier which caused a fumble which the Cowboys recovered.  They scored shortly after and the momentum was now fully in the Pokes favor.

There is plenty more to write about this game and my experience at the game.  Right now it is 4 AM and I need some sleep.  Luckily I will have very happy dreams.

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