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Cheyenne Central's Seth Edeen Set To Walk-On With Wyoming

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For Cheyenne Central's Seth Edeen, playing for the Wyoming Cowboy's is in his DNA.

Troy Babbitt-USA TODAY Sports

For Cheyenne Central's Seth Edeen, playing for the Wyoming Cowboy's is in his DNA.  How he got to this point was not as clear-cut and dry as most football prospects though.  None the less the 6'3", 196-pound linebacker is already on campus preparing for his college football career.

After playing in a injury-riddled senior season for the Indians of Cheyenne Central, Edeen was still a 4A All-State selection.  He had 35 tackles, five tackles for loss, and three sacks during the season.  His senior season was also his first playing outside linebacker, after playing predominately defensive end much of his high school career.

At the conclusion of high school, Edeen did not take the football route at first but played hockey at the Junior level.  He signed with the Cheyenne Stampede as a goaltender.  In high school he played in the Cheyenne Capitals Youth Hockey Association along with football, track, and wrestling at Central.

"I played hockey, track, and even wrestled for awhile. I was a 3-time All-State goalie in high school hockey and in track I qualified for the State meet sophomore-senior year in the long jump and 4x100," said Edeen.  "Through my years as a hockey player I played with and against numerous NCAA D1 and NHL players, which showed me the level of professionalism, preparation, and training it takes to play at the highest levels in sports, which well carry over and help me at Wyoming."

But after a season with the Stampede, he decided the lure of playing football for new Wyoming head coach Craig Bohl and carrying on the family name in Wyoming Cowboy football lore was to much to pass up.

"It was an easy decision for me. When I decided I wanted to play college football there wasn't any other school I wanted to play for than Wyoming," said Edeen. "I got a few letters of interest from some bigger schools after I'd sent film in but I guess Wyoming is just where my heart's at and I couldn't help but think about their big win in the '04 Las Vegas Bowl or beating Florida State in the '66 Sun Bowl. Just all the history that Wyoming has, I wanted to try and be a part of its bright future and try and help carry on those traditions.  Also keep the Edeen name within Wyoming was goal too."

"Well obviously I have three family members that all played at Wyoming during their careers. For as long as I can remember, I've been going over to Laramie cheering them on in my Brown and Gold and as a little kid, always envisioned myself running out onto the field with the cannon going off hearing the band play Cotton Eyed Joe," said Edeen.

His father, Dan, played for Wyoming from 1981-1984 and his uncle, Dave, was a All-Western Athletic Conference selection in 1988.  He played from 1986-1989 after originally being at Black Hills State.  He is tied for seventh on the all-time Cowboys' sack list with 23. He was also a fifth round selection of the Phoenix Cardinals during the 1989 NFL draft.  His mother's brother-in-law, Ryan Oman, played for the Cowboys during the 1991-1994 seasons.  After graduation he was an undrafted free agent with the New England Patriots for two seasons.

So Edeen decided to pursue an academic and athletic life in Laramie, much like many in his family before him.  But there was a twist, he decided to come in at mid-year to get a head start on his education and prepare for football in the Fall.

"I was actually planning on coming next Fall because I was going to spend this year playing Junior hockey in Houston, Texas, because from everyone I had talked to it was a great experience. Unfortunately that wasn't the case," said Edeen. "It was a good experience moving away from home and learning how to fend for myself and manage my time without having my parents around but the hockey experience wasn't all it was cracked up to be.  I decided it was best for my future to just start school and also I would get a chance to prove myself during spring ball to the new coaching staff before the other freshmen showed up in August."

Edeen is the second known walk-on for next season.  2012 Wyoming Gatorade Player of the Year, Brecken Biggs, has decided to leave Black Hills State and walk-on to the Wyoming football team next Fall. Biggs is a 6'1", 175-pound quarterback out of Casper Natrona County high school.