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Wyoming Football Visitors 1/25 Weekend

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Cowboys look to have yet another stellar recruiting weekend.

Troy Babbitt-USA TODAY Sports

After the Cowboys staff received six (five known) new verbals this past weekend.  They look to follow up with yet another big weekend and inch ever so closer to wrapping up this recruiting class.  I have 13 names so far for this upcoming weekend and will update further when new names become known.  Visitors for the weekend of 1/25 are as followed...

Gillette (Campbell County) Wyoming QB Austin Fort - 6'4", 210-pounds (Wyoming verbal)

Oro Valley (Canyon Del Oro) Arizona DE John Jackson Jr. - 6'4", 265-pounds (Wyoming verbal)

Tampa (Jefferson) Florida CB Chavez Pownell - 5'11", 195-pounds (Wyoming verbal)

Dade City (Pasco) Florida CB Malik Johns - 5'11", 170-pounds

Seattle (O'Dea) Washington FB/H-Back Jack Flor - 6'2", 215-pounds

Grandview (Grandview) Missouri CB Ryon'e Winters - 6'0", 185-pounds (Wyoming verbal)

Merritt Island (Merritt Island) Florida QB Nick Smith - 6'4", 215-pounds (Wyoming verbal)

St. Joseph (Central) Missouri TE Tyree Mayfield - 6'4", 220-pounds (Wyoming verbal)

Jacksonville (Raines) Florida RB Alex Gardner - 5'9", 185-pounds

Ephraim (Snow College) Utah CB Lee Crosby - 6'0", 190-pounds

Los Angeles (Loyola) California RB Nico Evans - 5'9", 177-pounds (Wyoming verbal)

Liberty (North) Missouri TE Brinkley Jolly - 6'5", 230-pounds (Wyoming verbal)

Memphis (White Station) TE Grant Lewis - 6'5", 230-pounds (Wyoming verbal)