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Interview with Wyoming Cowboy Wide Receiver Robert Herron

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We checked in with Cowboy wide receiver Robert Herron in Mobile, Alabama at the Senior Bowl.

Bob Stanton-USA TODAY Sports

The lead up to the NFL draft is one of the most enjoyable and possibly most stressful part of a college football players career.  For Wyoming’s departing senior star wide receiver Robert Herron, it is spent working out and preparing for the NFL draft.  The 5’9” 193-pound Herron is coming off of a senior season where he had 72 receptions for 932 yards receiving and 9 touchdowns in 12 games for the Cowboys.  For a career he hauled in 152 receptions for 2025 yards receiving and 20 touchdowns.  The native of Los Angeles, California has gone from Dorsey High School to the University of Wyoming and soon to a destination he will find out in the coming months.

I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Robert and I asked him some questions ranging from how his experience in Laramie shaped him on and off the field to what he is doing to get ready for the NFL draft. 

Cowboy Altitude:  How do you feel your time at Wyoming has prepared you on and off the field for this opportunity in professional football?

Robert Herron:  I think it has prepared me pretty good.  All that hard work we put in and being able to handle the cold showed mental toughness.  So I feel it prepared me pretty well. Off the field, Wyoming basically helped me mature and helped show I can live on my own. Coming from Los Angeles, it was a fast paced lifestyle and of course Laramie is pretty laid back and slower paced. 

Cowboy Altitude:  You have had a very productive first three days at the Senior Bowl.  Not to mention being named the NFL Network’s Reese’s Senior Bowl Player of the Day for wide receivers on Monday.  What are your feelings on how you have performed and what have the teams told you so far?

Robert Herron:  I really haven't talked to teams about my performance but I feel like that I have showed teams what they may think I have been lacking on or what they have said was my weakness.  I feel like I’ve just been out there competing.

Cowboy Altitude:  What is it that you are doing to prepare yourself for not only for this week at the Senior Bowl but also for your upcoming Pro-Day and the NFL Combine?

Robert Herron:  Just been training in Arizona at Athletes Performance.  Just a lot of running and I feel I’m at a good program.  I like that they have a room you can study coverages in and that has been helping me get better.  Just being able to recognize coverages.  So I have been taking advantage of that.

Cowboy Altitude:  How would you describe your game to someone who has never seen you play?  What are your greatest strengths as a football player and what area do you need to work on the most?

Robert Herron:  I think my advantage is my speed, explosiveness, and quickness.  I think I need to work on everything and probably being able to look the ball all the way into my hands. 

Cowboy Altitude:  The NFL draft will take place on May 8th-10th at the Radio City Music Hall in New York City, at this time what are your early plans for the weekend of the draft?

Robert Herron:  My plan is most likely to be at home in Los Angeles.

Robert wanted to make mention that he was very appreciative of the opportunity to participate in the Senior Bowl.  He wanted to thank Senior Bowl director Phil Savage and the Senior Bowl committee for inviting him to Mobile, Alabama.