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Craig Bohl Announces His First Recruiting Class As Head Coach Of The Wyoming Cowboys

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Cowboys' 2014 Class Includes 22 Recruits From 11 States

Drew Hallowell


Laramie, Wyo. (Feb. 5, 2014) -- A class of 22 recruits that reach from California to Florida was announced on Wednesday afternoon by University of Wyoming head football coach Craig Bohl.  Bohl was extremely pleased with the class his staff assembled in the shortened recruiting time they had available to them after taking over the Cowboy Football program this winter.

Among the largest position groups were: three quarterbacks, one of whom was a two-time All-State selection in the state of Wyoming; four tight ends, which was needed to fit the needs of Bohl's new pro-style offense; four defensive backs; and five defensive linemen to fill needs at those positions. The 2014 class includes two junior college signees and 20 high school recruits, and breaks down into 12 student-athletes on offense and 10 on defense.

"Overall, we are very pleased with the class that our staff has been able to put together," said Bohl. "The first year that you come into a program is always less that ideal because the normal recruiting cycle begins over a year in advance of signing day.

"Our staff hit the ground running. It was great to have Coach (Pete) Kaligis on our staff to help us maintain contact with some of the young men we already had committed. We have a very capable staff, who have connections in different parts of the country. We probably accessed some areas that I don't think are going to be traditional Wyoming areas, i.e. Florida, but nonetheless because of the skill base that was there and the needs that we have, we feel like we've done well.

"We are going to continue to re-engage in what I would call traditional Wyoming areas, including the state of Wyoming, in which we were happy to sign a player from Wyoming this year in Austin Fort from Gillette. Colorado will be an area where we will increase our efforts, and was a state that we felt we did well in this year signing two young men. We're going to continue to recruit out west. We were able to sign a group of student-athletes from California and Arizona this year."

In terms of how he felt his staff was able to meet the specific position needs in his first recruiting class at Wyoming, Bohl said most position needs had been met.

"For the most part, we feel good that we were able to fill most of our needs," said Bohl. "Certainly it was important for us to find a couple quarterbacks, which we did. Running back was an important position, as was the tight end position, which you can see from the number of tight ends that we signed was an area of emphasis. A lot of those needs grew out of the re-engineering of our offense. We are going to utilize a pro-style system, so those guys will come into play, and we feel like we really did well there. The other area we think we did really well in was the secondary. We were probably a little shy at linebacker."

When Bohl spoke earlier this winter about his expectations heading into 2014 National Signing Day, he said that he wouldn't sign players unless he felt they met a threshold of being able to help the Cowboys win in the Mountain West Conference. Bohl admitted that the final size of the 2014 class (22 signees) exceeded his initial expectations.

"We went into this recruiting class thinking that if we were able to get to 20 young men, who we had a firm conviction in our hearts were above the line for us to be successful in the Mountain West, then we would have done extremely well," said Bohl. "When you look at the size of this class, we exceeded 20, and we are firmly convinced that these young men are all above the line. Now are all the members of this class going to be All-Mountain West players, probably not, but coming in, our convictions as coaches is they all have a chance to be excellent players."

The national letter-of-intent signing period for football began on Wednesday, Feb. 5 and will conclude on Tuesday, April 1.