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Will The Mountain West Experience A Renaissance?

With 12 teams will the Mountain West find stability and growth?


Back on July 1st the Mountain West officially added Utah State and San Jose State. It was very busy day on the college landscape as WAC football died, and the Big East became the American Athletic Conference and lost schools to the ACC. They regrouped by adding several Conference USA teams. In order to rebuild CUSA grabbed schools from the SunBelt and WAC.

This was a major day of reshuffling and one of the bigger pieces was the Mountain West retaining Boise State and San Diego State. After so much uncertainty in the conference the last several years it has to be a huge relief for Craig Thompson and the school presidents to know who is on board. If any of the big conferences come calling they wouldn't be any hesitation for someone to bail. However it appears as if most of the major players have begun to settle their expansion.

With twelve teams and a new conference championship game a whole new era is about to begin. Will this be a prosperous and stable time for the Mountain West? With the demise of the WAC the Mountain West has no other rivals from non major conferences in the western part of the US.

The main goal will be to try and ensure that the Mountain West is top of the "group of five" conferences. With three schools in California it provides a solid base for recruiting that will help all the schools. The enhancements in the TV package and digital network will help provided enhanced exposure for the Mountain West. After so many years of losing teams and bickering between fan bases it is nice to enter a new and exciting time.

With less than two months till the start of college football the Mountain West will have plenty of interesting story lines to keep us entertained this year. We'll cover some of the those main headlines later this week.